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NATIXIS INTERÉPARGNE- Société anonyme with a Board of Directors with capital of €8,890,784, registered in the Paris Trade and Company Register under number B 692 012 669.
Corporate offices: 30 avenue Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris, France.
Tel.: +33 1 58 19 43 00
Nomenclature of French Activities: 6419Z
Intracommunity VAT number: FR78692012669
Credit institution authorized in France by the CECEI (Comité des Établissements de crédit et des Entreprises d'investissement), which has been replaced by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) - 61 rue Taitbout – 75436 Paris Cedex 09.
NATIXIS INTERÉPARGNE, in the context of its activities as an account keeper-custodian of units, is governed by the French Monetary and Financial Code.
NATIXIS INTERÉPARGNE is a member of the AFG (Association Française de la Gestion Financière).

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› Director of publications: Christophe EGLIZEAU

› Editorial manager: Frédéric LENOIR

› Owner of the company: NATIXIS INTERÉPARGNE is wholly owned by NATIXIS.

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Natixis Altaïr IT Shared Services,
4 rue Charles Gounod,
77185 LOGNES.
Tel.: +33 1 58 19 11 00

› Reservation of the domain name: is a domain registered by NATIXIS INTERÉPARGNE on 20/10/2006 with OLEANE (FRANCE TELECOM).

› Declaration to the CNIL: The personal data collected during your visit to the website are declared to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), pursuant to the provisions of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended. You can obtain the necessary information from this organization (



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Users of this site are required to comply with the provisions of the regulations on personal data. They must refrain from collecting, recording, altering or using any of the information they access and, more generally, from any action that may harm the private life or reputation of any persons.

Personal data
The services available on this site require you to enter your personal data. Each time you provide your personal data, Natixis Interépargne treats it in accordance with the policy provided below and with the legal requirements for the processing of personal data.

Personal data is saved in a secure environment that cannot be accessed publicly. It is collected for the purposes of managing online services, implementing the services offered on the site and, where applicable, to provide you with information that you want or that you need as part of this framework. It will be used only by Natixis Interépargne and the service provider for Natixis Interépargne’s direct marketing campaigns aimed at corporate customers and employees, located in the United States. This recipient will only receive the following information: civil status, identity, ID data, and economic and financial information. The following guarantees were taken to ensure a sufficient level of protection for personal data: standard contractual clauses drafted by the European Commission.

Unless otherwise requested by the owner of the data concerned for legitimate reasons, Natixis Interépargne is expressly authorised to communicate the data to its other service providers for the same purposes. Data is only stored for as long as is required to provide the service concerned or to use the function concerned.

The user who provides their personal data expressly authorises Natixis Interépargne to process their data for the aforementioned purposes. In accordance with the regulations on personal data that are in force, the owner of the personal data concerned has an individual right of access, rectification, objection, limitation and deletion on legitimate grounds, and to communicate instructions on your fate in the event of death and portability in the conditions laid down by the applicable regulations, on request from Natixis Interépargne at the following address:30, avenue Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris, France or user may also file a complaint with the competent authority.

To exercise this right, a letter should be sent to the Natixis Interépargne Head Office, for the attention of the Communications Division.

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